Data Backup & DR

The exponential growth of information and unstructured data is causing a headache for IT Decision Makers.

A crucial part of any business environment is to provide continuity along with the protection of critical data systems. With growth of virtualisation and being able to support both in house and legacy systems and the need to provision more space for the growth of data within today is becoming increasingly difficult for IT Departments to manage.

At IntroNovo we understand the logistics of data storage and work with companies to provide business continuity and assure data is stored and backed up in an efficient manner allowing business to keep up with today’s challenges.

Working with leading vendors we provide solutions to combine industry-proven backup, replication, high availability and true global de-duplication technologies for virtual and physical environments.

IntroNovo offer a consultative approach which is a key differentiator to ensure a long-term partnerships with our customers. IntroNovo have the ability, through consulting, to be both flexible and dynamic so that our customers receive the most effective solutions with a single point of support. Through this approach, IntroNovo not only becomes your trusted advisor for both tactical and strategic solutions, but a become a true partnership.